Physical Activity Serving Society - PASS

Physical Activity Serving Society, Project Launch in Brussels, Belgium

Physical Activity Serving Society, Project Launch in Brussels, Belgium

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On 25th and 26th of February 2015, Sport and Citizenship, EUPEA, ICSSPE, FESI, ISCA, the SPOLINT Institute and TAFISA came together in Brussels, Belgium, to launch their European wide physical activity promotion project PASS: Physical Activity Serving Society.

As a reaction to the growing level of physical inactivity, the seven partners have expressed their intention to provide valid data for policy makers, to propose strategies for transnational European-wide initiatives and to equip decision makers with evidence-based arguments to make the case for European-wide coordinated national physical activity programmes. The partners welcome and support other initiatives like the global Designed to Move framework which from their perspective offers a basis to align this programmes with other initiatives on global level. The advocacy project will run for 3 years and is financed by the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.

p style=”text-align: justify;”>EUPEA, represented in the Kick-off meeting by Martin Holzweg (Project Adviser), Rose-Marie repond (Past-President) and Claude Scheuer (President), will be responsible to organize a workshop in the second half 0f 2016 with the focus on educational aspects in the frame of the project.