PHYLIT – Physical Literacy

PHYLIT – Physical Literacy

Kick off meeting – Lisbon 28.1.2018 – 30.1. 2018

This ERASMUS + Sport small collaborative project has been lauched in Lisbonne and brought together Partners from the Human Kinetics Faculty University of Lisbon – FMH- (Marco Onofre, Joao Martins) , EUPEA European Physical Education Association (Rose-Marie Repond), SNEP French Union for PE (Bruno Cremonesi, Andjelko Svrdlin) YST – Yousth Sport Trust (Helen Vost), SUS Sport Union Slovenia (Mojca Markovic).

The main gaol of the project is to bring the policy makers, the stakeholders in PE, PA and Sport aware of the concept of physical literacy, his constructs and the unique contribution that it is as key competence in education, as contribution to the Sustained Development Goals, the OCEDE 2030 Future Education and skills, the OMS action plan, the EU Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020.

The project is also in line with the HEPA recommendations and the published report of the PASS (Physical activity for Serving Society) project. Beside those documents the evidence about the actuality and the consistence of the concept are showed in the literature and a review of the scientific publication is conducted within the project.

The tasks are well defined, and the group is very complementary covering PE, PA and Sport at all level as well as scientific, political and societal expertise.