Austria | VDLÖ
Verband der Lehrer und Lehrerinnen Österreichs für Bewegung und Sport
Belgium | BVLO
Bond voor Lichamelijke Opvoeding
England | NWCPEA
Since 1925, the North Western Counties Physical Education Association has been the lead organisation in areas of school physical education in the northwest of England. Find out more about how the history of the Association with a comprehensive review complied by David McNair, the former President of the Association.
Germany | DSLV
Deutscher Sportlehrer Verband
Ireland | IPPEA
Irish Primary PE Association
Ireland | PEAI
Physical Education Association Ireland
Schulsport und Sportamt Liechtenstein
Luxembourg | APEP
Association des Professeurs d'Education Physique
Netherlands | KVLO
Koninklijke Vereniging van Leraren Lichamelijke Opvoeding
Scotland | SATPE
The Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education (SATPE) was initially established in January 2013. The association combines primary and secondary sectors to facilitate the delivery of high quality, structured and progressive Physical Education.
Switzerland | SVSS
Schweizerischer Verband für Sport in der Schule
United Kingdom | AFPE
Association for Physical Education