25th EUPEA Forum in Milan (Italy)

25th EUPEA Forum in Milan (Italy)

25th EUPEA Forum in Milan (Italy)
During the 25th EUPEA Forum Meeting in Milan (Italy), the Forum of EUPEA elected the following Board for the next 3 years:

President: Claude Scheuer, Luxembourg
Vice President: Marcos Onofre, Portugal
General Secretary: Ruedi Schmid, Switzerland
Scientific Advisor: Martin Holzweg, Germany

Person responsible for development and fundraising: Riitta Pääjärvi-Myllyaho, Finland

Board members: *Laszlo Molnar, Hungary

Representatives of the Regions
North: Lucas Janemalm, Sweden
Vice: Gudrun Asgeirsdottir, Iceland
South: Bruno Cremonesi, France
Vice: Luca Eid, Italy
South East: *Hrvoje Sertic, Croatia
Vice: *Goran Sporis, Croatia
East: *Petr Vlcek, Czech Republic
Vice: *Jana Vasickova, Czech Republic
Central: Udo Hanke, Germany
Vice: Friedel Grube, Germany

Past President: Rose-Marie Repond, Switzerland

* co-opted member