The EUPEA Forum 2018, inluding the Seminar on the Topic "How can I raise the status of Physical Education", was held in The Hague from 9th to 11th of November.

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PE In Europe

PE In Europe

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European School Sport Day Kick-off Meeting 2018

European School Sport Day Kick-off Meeting 2018

celebrating sport in school to kick off a life time of health and fitness

The European School Sport day Kick-off meeting was held from 11-13 of April in Budapest.

It brought together almost 40 attendants, between ESSD national coordinators and Physical Education Teacher Associations representatives, from each country in Europe to promote physical activity and sport in schools.

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PASS Project : Physical Activity Serving Society

PASS Project : Physical Activity Serving Society

The main goal of the PASS project is to propose political and strategic actions in order to promote physical activity in Europe.

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EUPEO Project

EUPEO Project

In order to accomplish EuPEO’s work programme for a three-year length, a collaborative partnership between several european PE and sport professional and scientific organisations was formed.

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Regional Updates

read updated news of our association members in EUPEA Countries
Capdi & LSM - Italy

The Italian PE teachers association CAPDI & LSM “Doppio Tempo” organized the seminar “Erasmus+ projects in Physical Education” the 23 of February 2018 in Florence. The topic of the Seminar was to highlight the wonderful opportunities that Erasmus+ projects related to Physical Education could give to schools. Bruno Cremonesi from the EUPEA board described some examples of EUPEA Erasmus projects.

Paris Olympics

In every comment and declaration we can hear: « PE at school is very important if you want to build a sport generation for 2024 ». We had high expectations for the development of PE. Actually all the last political choices were contrary to this statement.
The last ministries for education have decided a new evaluation at the end of the secondary school. All the contents are assessed and students have a mark to get the diploma at the end of the secondary school. PE is not really assessed in this exam. Some people are trying to transform the reality and are trying to lie, explaining that PE will be assessed by an oral exam. The last exam about the compulsory physical literacy and physical activity skill will be an Oral!!! An amazing situation for the French pupils

I’m sure a lot of person are laughing about this situation and can’t understand how some politicians and important people in charge at the ministry for education have succeeded in luring us;
The second sign sent to PE teachers is to decrease the number of PE posts at the competitive exam to become a PE teacher. Just after this decision the ministry for education wants Olympic school weeks to be set up. Indeed, each year until 2024, French schools should organize some event to promote the Olympic spirit and sports in school. The next year, we hope the Ministry for Education will not announce cuts in the number of PE posts. It’ a really strange promotion of PE in school.

The last decision is not really confirmed yet. We have just had a new proposition for the bbaccalaureate. PE might still be part of the exam, but, for the moment, we don’t know how it will be assessed.  In secondary schools/high schools students can choose to have an option to deepen their physical and sport education by studying physical and sport activities. For the moment, this option is questioned. This choice would lead to the impossibility, for many students, to improve and deepen their skills in PE. Once more, A choice very contradictory to building a sport nation.
Finally the ministry for education apparently want to build a sportier generation for 2024 with less compulsory physical education and sports. Is like to run on a track in the opposite direction thinking to go faster.

Finally a new program of PE in france!

The latest PE programs published on the 26th November 2015 are void of content, without any requirement acquisition in the cultural fields of physical, artistic and sports activities. Learning to perform a handstand to get free, to run faster on a hurdles course, to swim, to serve in badminton, to achieve a hunted French savate or to dance together, to referee a boxing bout, to ensure their comrade climbing or to score a basket have become secondary in the French PE for the French. This lack of ambition in the targeted knowledge leaves the door open to any fantasies or possible territorial inequalities. Isn’t the transmission of common knowledge and skills the cement of our society ?

The snep asked the ministry of education should revise its PE programs for the youth. Until now nothing change. The SNEP decide to publish an alternative program of PE and will send it to all the school in France. This new program publishes by the snep will included in the official program but give more exigence and knowledge for the youth. The PE to stay in the school and to develop his quality must to have ambition and enhancing the physical literacy of the children and the youth.

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SPEF Portuguese PE Society

the situation of the PE remain almost in the same place. 

The great new was that the Ministry decide to implement a systematic PE National Test for the schooling level 2  (7/8 y), last year, and for level 8 (13/14 y), this year. This had a strong impact on teachers and schools accountability. 
Relating to the 2012 mesures - reduction of PE time both in elementary and secondary schooling levels, and the fact that the final grade of Physical Education in secondary education has ceased to be considered for the calculation of the students' final grade - it remains the same even though the Ministry has already promised to reverse those measures

Irish Primary Physical Education Association

Annual IPPEA conference 2018

The theme for this year’s conference is 'Moving Forward: Physical Education for the future' and will have a strong focus on the upcoming review of the Irish primary curriculum. Attention will be given to potential future developments within primary PE through practical workshops as well through two short addresses from guest speakers.

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  • Active participation in EUROPEAN SCHOOL SPORT DAY organised by our region.

  • New collective comparison study is planned – MOBAK (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic).

  • Next year we are organising summer school for countries from our region (Slovenia, Poland, Slovak Republic) but also some other countries promised to participate (Denmark).

  • There will be international conference organised by our region who are cordially invited, but we would like to invite anybody who is interested.


Call for papers

The Masaryk University in Brno is pleased to host an International Conference from 22nd to 23rd June 2018

Curriculum and teaching in Physical Education and Geography: interdisciplinary and international perspectives

Key topics
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography – intended, implemented, achieved curriculum
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Early Childhood and Primary Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Secondary Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Teacher Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography and New Technologies

The announcement, link to the conference and invitation will be ready by the end of November 2017.

SATPE - Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education

SATPE Journal Edition 6
The Organization of PE teachers in Iceland

There is no special news from Iceland. The organization is always working for their members if there are some problems with their superiors, principals, about salaries or other matters. Each quarters of Iceland works together and our organization works for everyone.

Some national events as a competition between schools in strength, football, running and other different subjects.

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