Mission & objectives


Promote and defend Physical Education as an important educational area within the school system and the training of young people.


  • defend the presence of Physical Education within the curriculum through a continuously adjusted and actualized argumentation
  • raise the presence of Physical Education, expressed in a number of hours, to minimum 1 hour a day, through promotion campaigns.
  • Defend the position of Physical Education in all countries of Europe
  • Enforce the argumentation by exchanging experiences, knowledge, scientific research, observatories, etc.


  • Organisation of symposia on the importance of PE
  • Investigate the situation of PE in the different member countries
  • Urging the ministers of education to pay more attention to PE in the school curriculum, at a regular basis
  • Urging the different countries to inform each other on the state of the PE

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    Board after 24th EUPEA Forum in Magglingen - 02/11/2013

    President: Claude Scheuer, Luxembourg
    Vice President: Marcos Onofre, Portugal
    General Secretary: Ruedi Schmid, Switzerland
    Scientific Advisor: Martin Holzweg, Germany

    Board members
    Riitta Pääjärvi, Finland
    Bruno Cremonesi, France

    Representatives of the Regions

    North: Lucas Janemalm, Sweden 

    South: Luca Eid, Italy

    South East: Hrvoje Sertic, Croatia 

    East: Petr Vlcek, Czech Republic

    Central: Udo Hanke, Germany

    Past President
    Rose-Marie Repond, Switzerland