EUPEA Forum Meeting 2017 Manchester

EUPEA is happy to present the new Board Members, elected in the EUPEA Forum Meeting 2017 on Nov 11th in Manchester (UK).
(from the left)
Elinor Steel, Scotland, Viviana Zito, Italy, Kasper Salin, Finland

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Regional Updates

read updated news of our association members in EUPEA Countries
  • Active participation in EUROPEAN SCHOOL SPORT DAY organised by our region.

  • New collective comparison study is planned – MOBAK (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic).

  • Next year we are organising summer school for countries from our region (Slovenia, Poland, Slovak Republic) but also some other countries promised to participate (Denmark).

  • There will be international conference organised by our region who are cordially invited, but we would like to invite anybody who is interested.


Call for papers

The Masaryk University in Brno is pleased to host an International Conference from 22nd to 23rd June 2018

Curriculum and teaching in Physical Education and Geography: interdisciplinary and international perspectives

Key topics
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography – intended, implemented, achieved curriculum
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Early Childhood and Primary Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Secondary Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography in Teacher Education
• Integrating Physical Education and Geography and New Technologies

The announcement, link to the conference and invitation will be ready by the end of November 2017.

Finally a new program of PE in france!

The latest PE programs published on the 26th November 2015 are void of content, without any requirement acquisition in the cultural fields of physical, artistic and sports activities. Learning to perform a handstand to get free, to run faster on a hurdles course, to swim, to serve in badminton, to achieve a hunted French savate or to dance together, to referee a boxing bout, to ensure their comrade climbing or to score a basket have become secondary in the French PE for the French. This lack of ambition in the targeted knowledge leaves the door open to any fantasies or possible territorial inequalities. Isn’t the transmission of common knowledge and skills the cement of our society ?

The snep asked the ministry of education should revise its PE programs for the youth. Until now nothing change. The SNEP decide to publish an alternative program of PE and will send it to all the school in France. This new program publishes by the snep will included in the official program but give more exigence and knowledge for the youth. The PE to stay in the school and to develop his quality must to have ambition and enhancing the physical literacy of the children and the youth."">
SATPE - Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education

SATPE Journal Edition 6
Irish Primary Physical Education Association

Annual IPPEA conference 11 March 2017 Croke Park Dublin Recent events: 1 December 2016: Launch of Assessment in Physical Education online resource on the IPPEA website members section. 24 November 2016 Annual Final Year Student Teacher Workshop delivered by two post graduate masters students Dublin City University.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment is in the process of consulting stakeholders about Structure and Time Allocation in a Redeveloped Primary Curriculum. The proposal is available for review from January to April 2017 with a major consultative conference on March 28th. Details of the proposals in relation to these areas can be found at the following link: /Primary-Education/Primary_Developments/Structure-and-Time-Allocation/consultation.html. The IPPEA are reflecting on the frequency and duration of physical education lessons.

IPPEA committee meeting 1 March 2016 is to formulate, write and submit comments for NCCA consultation. IPPEA members have been contacted by the IPPEA on social media and on the website i of the consutation and encourage teachers to respond with a particular focus on Physical Education.The annual IPPEA conference has a task set on the day to gather further insights to contribute to the IPPEA submission.

The IPPEA are examining the practices in other European countries through our work with EUPEA. Claude Scheuer, President EUPEA will speak at the IPPEA annual conference on time and structure of Physical Education from EUPEA s research on quality PE.This will inform the IPPEAs contribution to the consultation.
Capdi & LSM - Italy

We are starting with four national seminars organized by Capdi & Lsm: more than 1,000 PE teachers are expected. The venue are: Taranto, Venice, Bologna, Ancona. Capdi will be a partner of Erasmu+Sport_IMPACT-project in which Eupea is a partner too.
SPEF Portuguese PE Society

The new government is trying to revert the nocive measures against PE implemented by the former one:

- A global assessment of the PE learning will be implemented for the 2nd year of schooling (primary school – 6/7 years old)

- The ministry is working togheter with the PE teachers associations to design the the essential learnings in PE (as for others subjects)

- PE final grade is going to be considered in the final grade for high school and access to the university, for all students.
The Organization of PE teachers in Iceland

There is no special news from Iceland. The organization is always working for their members if there are some problems with their superiors, principals, about salaries or other matters. Each quarters of Iceland works together and our organization works for everyone.

Some national events as a competition between schools in strength, football, running and other different subjects.

  • EUPEA is a non-profit and Non-Governmental professional Organisation of national PE Associations
  • EUPEA promotes PE and School Sport in Europe by working with appropriate Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations and individual experts and professionals
  • Membership is open to any legitimate national PE Association in a European country
  • More than 30 national Physical Education associations in Europe are member of Eupea


Organisation of symposia on the importance of PE

Investigate the situation of PE in the different member countries

Urging the ministers of education to pay more attention to PE in the school curriculum, at a regular basis

Urging the different countries to inform each other on the state of the PE